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Coronavirus – Breakfast Updates

Breakfast. The best meal of the day in our opinion – well, we would say that wouldn’t we!

But like everything else in the world, coronavirus has meant that we have had to adjust the way we do even the most routine of everyday tasks. For us, preparing and serving breakfast is no different.

We need to take every precaution so Government social distance guidelines can be adhered to. This means changes in the way we do things at breakfast time. These will only be temporary because as soon as we can revert back to how it was before, we will.

The chatter between strangers who have suddenly become friends about their plans for the day won’t be lost forever, as will the sight of empty plates after a proper full-English breakfast has filled empty tums for the day ahead. This will all return.

For now, though, this is breakfast in the short-term:

All guests will be asked to pre-order their entire breakfast the previous evening using an extended version of our simple pre-ordering forms.

We will be serving a choice of cereals, homemade berry compote and yogurt, along with freshly baked croissants. There will also be a choice of bacon and sausage baps available too. To drink, fruit juice, Cornish tea and coffee from our good friends at Mevagissey Coffee will also be ordered in advance.

Guests will be given a designated slot for breakfast that is pre-determined before arrival. The first sitting will commence at 8.20am, while the second sitting will begin at 9.00am. 

We appreciate that this rigid system isn’t ideal, but as explained earlier in this post, it’s not forever and a compromise given the current restrictions we are operating under.

However, if all of this is too restrictive or just not for you, we can offer a room only option which is available only by contacting us directly via phone or e-mail.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Gareth, Lara, Olivia and Toby xx.

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